Friday, April 14, 2023

Hatch Day

Tomorrow is my hatch day. 


It was 26 years ago that I pecked my way out of my egg. And in those 26 years I’ve done so many interesting things. I hatched in 1 state, have lived in 2 others as well as the District of Colombia, and have traveled through many other states as well.  I have made many acquaintances and several dear friends, both human and avian (but not canine or feline!). I have sampled and enjoyed many kinds of food, though of course I have my favorites – walnuts and seed treats. I have fended off all kinds of predators – dog, cats, horses, tall ladders, trucks, scissors, random passersby – to name just a few of the fearsome enemies I have confronted. I have also enjoyed the cultured life, having chewed my way through a variety of books and newspapers and enjoyed many TV shows and movies in the company of my people. All in all, I can say that I have enjoyed an interesting and varied life and I look forward to much more. 

I plan to spend my hatch day quietly in the company of my people and hope they will indulge me with lots of seed treats. How do you like to spend your hatch day?


Valerie said...

Hi Shadow. I remember you when you had bird friends in DC! You have such a good life with Katie. She treats you so well and you are free all the time! Do you like showers? My other bird friend does.
Happy hatch day!!!

Shadow said...

Thanks for visiting, Valerie. I love showers from a spray bottle, but I am afraid of the big showers my people use. Whenever they are in the shower, I fly as far away as I can.

Anonymous said...

Yes my friends bird takes a shower in the kitchen sink

Anonymous said...

Dearest Girl: I am sorry I missed your hatch day, but hope it was a happy one. I want you to know I enjoyed every moment of taking care of you and dancing with you; and especially watching you with my son and your ”parrotmour,” Quentie Quaker. You two were one of the most lovey-dovey couples of all time. Sending you lots of love,
Auntie Abbie (and Uncle Tom wishes you much happiness, too)

Shadow said...

Thanks for visiting, Aunt Abbie. I hope you and Uncle Tom come visit in person, too. I will gladly share the perches in my cage with you!