Thursday, March 23, 2023


 Perches are very important to a parrot, as you may imagine. Aside from when we’re flying, which is just a small percentage of the time, perches are where we take our place in the world. The best perch, in my opinion, is on top of your person’s head. One of my people is quite tall, and from the top of his head I get a good view of everything and can keep an eye out for predators. Other parts of your person’s body also make good perches. A shoulder is good for taking trips around the house. A knee makes a nice perch, too.

A foot is good for getting a different view on things.

A laundry rack makes a great perch. Our laundry rack fits my feet quite well, and then there’s all that clean laundry just hanging there, ready for chewing and pooping on. A mug makes a nice perch if you’re in the mood for tea.

There are lots of great perches around the house. What are your favorite perches?


Anonymous said...

I “perch” on my favorite couch or my favorite outdoor rocking chair!

Shadow said...

Thanks for visiting, Anonymous. I have noticed that couches make good perches for people. My people spend a lot of time on theirs.