Friday, April 6, 2018

Training Your Person: TV

The best perch to watch TV from is the top of your person's head. Actually, it's a good perch for many things -- watching out for predators, keeping an eye on your other person while she's in the kitchen in case she brings out the seed bucket, checking out visitors you haven't met before, and just generally watching what's going on around you. So it's a good idea to train your person or people to get used to you sitting on their heads. One of my people is quite tall so his head makes a very good perch. I usually sit there when we're watching TV. I just love the TV. It makes all kinds of interesting sounds - especially music. Whenever the theme song of a TV show comes on, I squawk and chirp and whoop right along with it. It's so much fun! I recognize the theme songs of all the TV shows we regularly watch. We parrots have a great appreciation for music.

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