Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Training Your Person: Baths

If you are a parrot, you love water,  especially bathing in it.  So it's very important to train your person to provide you with frequent bathing opportunities, whether it's a shower under spray bottle or a chance to splash around in a dish. In my case, the best chance for bathing comes every evening. One of my people washes the dishes every night after dinner, and it's my job to help him out by sitting on his shoulder while he washes. If I happen to be in the mood for a bath at this time, which I usually am because, I mean, what parrot can resist the sound of running water, all I have to do is squawk and chirp and flap my wings, and my person gets the message that it's bath time. He knows to set a pan of water on the counter and let me jump in.

I find that frying pans and cookie sheets make excellent bath tubs because they give me plenty of room to spread my wings, but I'm not above bathing in a saucepan or even a water glass if that's all that is available.

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