Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Morning!

Don't you just love morning? I wait in the darkness of my covered cage listening to the sounds of my person moving around the house, waiting, waiting for her to come into my room. When she finally does come in and pulls the cover off my cage, I squawk for joy. Then I squawk and squawk some more just to greet the morning. It's such a wonderful time of day -- I get fresh food in my food dish, I have a whole day of paper shredding to look forward to, not to mention my morning walk and maybe even a shower with the spray bottle, and who knows what other exciting things may happen during the day. The morning always holds so much promise. Yes, I am definitely a morning bird. I guess most birds are!


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Shadow, wanted to drop on by to thank you for looking at my video, that my human made of me, eating one of my favorite, foods, I always enjoy when my human gives me frozen veggies, on a hot summer day. I eat them up before they get warm. Have a nice evening, My human is up to something, she is making us all freezer fruit pops for evening snack.
Your friend, Sammy, the Noble MaCaw

Shadow said...

Hi Sammy,
You are very lucky to have a person who makes freezer fruit pops for you. My person is very nice but she has never, ever made me any freezer fruit pops, though sometimes she gives me ice cream.