Thursday, February 10, 2011


Can you believe it’s still winter? I thought it would be over by now, but the ground is still covered with all that white stuff and it’s too cold to go outside and my carrier is hanging sad and lonely in the basement wondering when it will be able to take me for a ride again. Of course, I am happy that I have a nice warm inside place to spend the winter and don’t have to eat out there in the cold with all the outside birds (although my person keeps THEIR feeder filled with sunflower seeds while I only get sunflower seeds sometimes for a treat – what’s that about?) and I don’t have to fly thousand of miles south to eat worms like the robins, but still, you’d think winter could be a little shorter. Then I hear that the groundhog didn’t see its shadow so winter will be short, or something like that, but why do people pay attention to a groundhog? A groundhog is nothing more than a fat old dumb woodchuck. We’ve got plenty of them around here and all they do is waddle around and eat up the garden. What do they know? Why listen to a woodchuck when you can listen to a parrot? I’ll give you some real information: It’s still winter!


Unknown said...

I wouldn't go out in that white stuff at first, because I didn't know what it was. Now I love it! It's wonderful stuff! It holds smells! When I walk on the top of the mounds on the side of the road, I can look April right in the eye almost. I don't like how it makes little ice balls in between my toes, but you won't have that problem. So try it! Walk in the snow! It's great!!

Anonymous said...

I am with you Shadow, winter is just too da-gum- Long this year. The Lebanon flock is looking forward to going out on the back deck for some warm sun-shine.

Hugs, Kathy an the Lebanon flock