Sunday, February 6, 2011

Visitors, Tea, Scrabble

Don’t you just love it when visitors come to the house? I do because then I get lots of attention, and they feed me walnuts. Also, my person makes tea and I get to drink it right out of the tea cup. Yesterday my person and her visitor played Scrabble. It looked like an interesting game, particularly the tiles. I bet they would be really fun to chew. However, I was busy sipping tea and didn’t get a chance to try them out. Next time.


Unknown said...

I love visitors! They smell different! The feel different when I jump on them! Their clothes taste different when I bite them! Everything about visitors is wonderful!

Come visit me!

Dijon the Bichon

Anonymous said...

Yummy Shadow, Bird talk had a nice write up in the mag about nice tea for little feathered friends. Tea is real good for you. The Lebanon Flock loves Night time tea.

Hugs, the Lebanon flock, and owner Kathy