Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Monsters

One of the scary things about winter is that after every snowstorm, all these monsters come out. There’s this one monster that comes scrape-scrape-scraping up our driveway with its big yellow mouth pushing all the snow around. That sound always makes my feathers stand on end. My person bravely goes outside and gives the monster some money, and that usually makes it go away.

Then there’s the orange monster that lives in the garage across the street. As soon as I hear that rat-tat-tatting noise, I fly to the windowsill and, sure enough, I see that orange thing out there sucking up snow with its mouth and blowing it out its nose. What a disgusting thing to do! I puff up my feathers and give it my hardest beady-eyed parrot stare, just in case it ever thinks of coming and sucking things up over here, it’ll know that this house is protected by a fierce parrot. So far, I’ve managed to keep it away from us.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The same monsters come here! I bark at them and they go away! They're terrified of me! Sometimes the Snow Snorter stops and then the owner of my girlfriend the Great Dane is suddenly there. Between him and me, the monsters never, ever get inside the house. I win!