Saturday, January 8, 2011


My person and I have been watching the outside birds at the feeder that my person put up for them. I'm sure glad MY feeder is inside. I wouldn't want to be eating out there where it's so cold. Plus, with all this snow we've been getting, it's all white out there. My beautiful green feathers would be really noticeable to predators. Those outside feeder birds don't seem to be afraid of predators. Of course, most of them - chickadees, titmice, nuthatches - have a lot of white feathers so they blend in with the landscape. Me, I'm a tropical bird. I prefer to spend my winters inside nibbling on walnuts and chewing up popsicle sticks. I'll go outside in my carrier when the weather gets warmer.

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Unknown said...

Being outside is fun! Don't worry about predators! Go outside! Run! Sniff! Pee! Run some more. When you get little snowballs in between your toes, bite them!