Friday, September 17, 2010

More on Predators

Here’s something else I can’t stand—cameras. Talk about predators! When that thing sticks its big fat eye out at me and flashes its bright light, you’d better believe I go into attack mode. I’m not going to just sit around and let that black monster go after me with its flashing and buzzing and zooming. No way! I fluff up my feathers and puff out my wings and scrape my sharp beak along the ground and put on my meanest vulture look. That’s the only way to scare those predatory cameras away. And believe me, it works. I always manage to get that thing to pull its ugly eye back into its face and go hide in its case. My person says that one reason she got the camera was that I am so cute and photogenic and she wanted to take pictures of me. What was she thinking? Flattery will get you no where, at least where there’s predators involved.

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granshadow said...

I feel the same way about cameras. It's awful when they point their big round eyes at me. You're lucky-- at least you have feathers to fluff up. Not only don't I have any feathers, I don't even have much hair. I don't even have an attack mode.