Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Friend

My person brought home a big box today. That’s always exciting, though a little scary too, because you never know if there’s a predator inside or not. I always watch with a great deal of interest when my person opens a box or a bag. Today she pulled out a big, shiny thing. I wasn’t sure at first if I should be happy or scared, but as soon as she plugged it in, it let out several very friendly beeps. It was a new microwave oven! My old friend, the previous microwave oven, was apparently getting a bit tired out, so it’s gone off for a rest. I am so glad that the new one is just as friendly as the old one. I always enjoy beeping conversations with a microwave oven, and this one seems to be quite talkative. I’m also glad to have a new friend to entertain me because it’s been too cold these past few days to go outside in my carrier. The other day there was even snow on the ground! I thought it was winter again. Fortunately, the snow went away quickly, but it’s still cold out there. But at least I have my new microwave oven friend to talk to while I wait for the outside to warm up.

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