Monday, April 5, 2010

It’s a Parrot’s Life

There’s not much new and exciting to report around here except, of course, that I have been outside in my carrier several times now and I am VERY happy about that. Other than that, I’m just doing the parrot thing—chewing, preening, squawking, eating, and always keeping an eye out for predators. My almost-daily outside walks have been enjoyable even though I do encounter a dog from time to time, especially that short little Sassy who lives around the corner. She thinks she’s got such a big yip, but I let her know who’s the boss in no uncertain terms. It’s very useful to have a loud squawk. Also, that gray parrot, Trouble, is visiting here this week, and that means more squawking for me—have to protect my territory. Well, that’s all the news from the parrot cage for now.

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