Saturday, May 23, 2009


A woodpecker comes to eat at our suet feeder sometimes. Now there's a bird I can relate to. Not the pounding on trees part--What's that about?--but have you ever noticed a woodpecker's feet? They're very similar to parrot feet, with two toes facing front and two toes facing back. Woodpeckers are climbing birds, just like parrots. So you know they've gotta be nice birds. While they are lacking in the brilliant colors of a parrot, they make up for it with the pretty black and white patterns of their feathers. But all that pounding and tapping on trees? Why make a noise like that when you can squawk, I say.

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We have a pileated woodpecker around here, and s/he likes to bang his or her head on the metal rails on the bridge. At times, I think even I can hear that noise. I think the bird has banged on a few too many trees to try to peck through a metal rail.