Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dumb and Dumber

That dumb robin is at it again. I guess attacking its reflection in the picture window wasn't enough. (Read about that here.) Now it's also going after the car, especially the rear view mirrors. It also sometimes flies right at the kitchen window. You'd think it would've figured out by now that there's no other robin there. Believe me, you would never catch a parrot doing a silly thing like that. First of all, we parrots know the difference between the real and the merely reflective. Second of all, why chase away another member of your own species? After all, our survival depends on the flock. There's just no figuring out a robin.

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Anonymous said...

I have wagged and walked right into my reflection on the brass kickplate on the door of Spooner's, so I have a little more understanding for the robin. I didn't do it more than once, though, so I wonder if that robin got dropped on her head when she first tried to fly. I haven't tried flying yet, but it looks pretty risky.