Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eating Sandwiches

I love sandwiches, mainly because they have a lot of bread and I just love bread. When a plate with a sandwich on it is set near me, I get to work right away nibbling away at the bread. It's very tasty. While I nibble, I scatter bread crumbs everywhere because that's how we parrots eat. We always drop at least half our food on the ground. It's a parrot thing. Even though I mostly focus on the bread part, sometimes I take a nibble or two at the inside of the sandwich. If it's just peanut butter, I won't go anywhere near it. I can't stand peanut butter. But if it's berry jam, what a treat! Berry jam is filled with tiny seeds, and I just love seeds. A strawberry jam sandwich is just about the best kind of lunch I can think of. What about you? What kinds of sandwiches do you like?


S.K.Y. said...

Hi Shadow, I'm Clover, an African Grey who lives in Istanbul. Unlike you, I just nibble and drop the bread. I go for the chicken or beef slices in the sandwich. I'll bet you didn't know some parrots have secret carnivore cravings! Maybe we eat bugs in the wild, but researchers haven't verified that yet.

Shadow said...

Clover- Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I know all about carnivore cravings, as I enjoy nibbling on chicken and beef, too. Unfortunately, I don't often get the chance because my person doesn't cook meat often. I don't think I'd care to eat bugs. Sometimes ants get in my cage, and I think they are very unpleasant creatures.