Saturday, November 15, 2008


My godmother, Abbie Emmanuel, took this picture of me getting into my bath. Aren't I elegant? Aunt Abbie has taken lots of beautiful pictures of me, because I'm such a pretty parrot!
Baths are so much fun. I just love being in the water. When my person says “Spritz!” I know its time for a shower. I stand on the counter and wait for the spray to fall on my back. Sometimes I just can’t help but squawk, because getting spritzed feels so good on my feathers. When my person says “Take a bath!” I know that she is getting ready to fill the dish with warm water. Then I step in, one foot at a time, and scooch down and flip the water onto my back with my wings. That feels really good on my feathers, too. After a bath or shower, I have to spend a lot of time preening. It’s important to keep my feathers looking nice. After all, I am a pretty bird! I think bath time is really fun. Don’t you agree?


Anonymous said...

Well, I have to recaulk the shower today. Then later after it dries I can finally bathe. Nobody will say "spritz!" to me, but I'll definitely know that it is time. No preening for me, though. I have little enough hair as it is!

Shadow said...

Uncle Kit, thanks for visiting my blog. I have a question: Is caulking anything like squawking?