Monday, May 19, 2014

A Kitchen En-Counter

I took a little walk around the kitchen counter the other day, something I hadn't done in a while. I was looking forward to visiting with my friends, the coffee pot and the toaster oven. However, things were pretty quiet. The coffee pot was cold and not gurgling at all, so I continued on to the toaster oven. It, too, was cold and dark. I spent sometime staring through its glass window but, alas, no matter how hard I stared, no toast appeared. Too bad. I love a piece of toast. Oh, well, maybe next time.


kwren said...

I love it when toast is full of seeds, especially sunflower seeds, even if they are cut up into little pieces. I can still find them. And I leave a pile of artisanal breadcrumbs in a pile on the counter.
Tikka Masala, the Parrot Princess

Shadow said...

Hi Tikka Masala,
I love seeds, too, and , too, can find them anywhere, not matter how little they may be. Did you know that bananas have seeds? They're tiny, but they're there!

kwren said...

when I eat a strawberry, I just do it one seed at a time, until the whole berry looks pretty torn up. I get some of the flesh, but it's all about the seeds. Do you ever eat the marrow out of chicken bones?