Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Chores

It's still warm outside and I went out in my carrier again this morning but not for a walk. This time I was helping my person mow the lawn. While she pushes the lawn mower back and forth, I keep an eye out for predators. Helping with the lawn mowing is my main outside chore, though sometimes I help out with the gardening, too. I sit in my carrier and watch for predators while my person plants, weeds, and waters, though often she just does that by herself and doesn't let me help. That makes me a bit nervous because I don't like to think of her out there alone with all those predators around. The one chore I refuse to help out with is weed whacking. I don't like the sound of that weed whacker at all! However, I bet the predators don't like it either so I don't mind letting my person go outside alone for that chore.

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