Monday, July 25, 2011

Question Technology

I understand that our local Borders, along with all the rest of them, is going out of business because everyone is buying ebooks now to read on their Kindles. OK, that is something I totally don’t get. Although I have never personally seen a Kindle, I’ve been around plenty of computers and other electronic devices and I can tell you that despite their often having a few tasty plastic pieces here and there, they don’t make for nearly as good chewing as a nice old-fashioned book does. There’s nothing like chewing your way through a good book and filling up your person’s desk with piles of fluffy white page scraps. Until someone invents a Kindle that can do that, I’m sticking with books.


Anonymous said...

I don't actually like the taste of books much, but I do love to hold them and turn the pages. I even like the way their edges get slightly tattered when I've read them several times.

Shadow said...

Anonymous, if you like tattered pages, I'd be happy to come over and tatter your books for you.