Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Tasks

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog recently. I’ve just had so many things to do. Unfortunately, going out for walks in my carrier hasn’t been one of them. It’s been too cold and rainy these past couple of weeks. But now the weather is looking better and my person says that very soon she’ll be needing my help outside with the lawn mowing. I can’t wait! Mowing the lawn is my favorite outside chore. My job is to sit in my carrier and keep an eye out for predators while my person cuts the grass. Meanwhile, I’ve had plenty to keep me busy inside, helping my person with her work, and working on a few projects of my own. Nesting season is here and I’ve got a couple of nests going. One is on top of the printer and the other is on a small shelf. With two nesting sites, I’m pretty busy all day long chewing up old books, plastic bottle caps, and popsicle sticks. Unfortunately, my person often gets in one of those mean moods where she takes the vacuum cleaner to my nests and vacuums up all the bits and pieces I’ve worked so hard to chew. So then I’ve got to start all over again. People can get really moody sometimes, but you’ve got to love them anyway.

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phonelady said...

We know about rain and cold and we have not be able to walk the dogs !!!