Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home Alone

Of course I really don’t like it when my person goes out a leaves me alone all day, but that doesn’t happen often. Usually she just goes out for a little while, and that gives me some time to hang out in my cage. The first thing I do is head over to my food dish since that’s always the most interesting part of my cage. After nibbling around there for a while, I sit on my perch and play with my toothbrush and key. I hold the toothbrush and bite the key. It’s really fun. After that, I might chew on a bottle cap or two, or a popsicle stick, and maybe I’ll pile up all my toys in my food dish. Then when I’m done playing, I like to just sit and listen. There are always interesting sounds around. In the winter, there’s the rumbling and whooshing of the furnace. In warmer weather, there’s the chirping and tweeting of the outside birds. And always there are cars rushing down the road, though when I big, loud truck comes by, I cower in the corner of my cage. While I’m listening to all these sounds, I always keep one ear alert for the sound of my person’s car in the driveway. Then when I hear the kitchen door open, I greet her with whoops and squawks. And then I’m not alone anymore.
What about you? What do you like to do when your person goes out?

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phonelady said...

that is too cute .