Saturday, September 26, 2009


September is going by so fast. It’s a pretty nice month, all things considered, and I’ll be sad when it says farewell. Here’s what I like about September:

*Ripe blackberries—mmmm, seedy!
*Corn on the cob—I love corn in any form, but it’s especially delicious eaten right off the cob. It’s kind of like eating sunflower seeds right out of the flower, which brings me to the next item on my list:
*Ripe sunflower seeds—YUM-MY!
*Pleasant weather for walks in my carrier

Here’s what I don’t like about September:

*The end of house guest season—less admiration and attention for me
*Cool weather is approaching—soon I won’t be able to go outside for walks in my carrier anymore until spring.

What about you? Do you like September?


Anonymous said...

Well, September is gone, but I like October best. Chilly weather, pumpkins and apples everywhere, gardening season pretty much over but all those shiny glass jars full of summer on the shelves. Hope you have a great October!
Brenda in Blacksburg

Shadow said...

My person likes October, too, but it's a bit too frosty for me. Do you know, I've only gone outside in my carrier once this week! I'm already looking forward to spring.