Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I have not been blogging as much as I'd like recently. I just have so much else to do! One of my main duties is to sit on my person's shoulder while she works and give her inspiration. She's been working a lot lately, and I've been very busy inspiring her. Also since she's been so busy with work, she doesn't have much time to help me with this blog. OK, I'll admit it, I need her help with the typing part. If you had feet like mine, you'd need help managing a keyboard, too. Feet like what?, you say. Well, if you have to ask that, clearly you haven't read one of my greatest inspirings, If You Were a Parrot. Check it out here. You'll find out what my feet look like and why, why I need to chew so much, and lots of other interesting things about the life of a parrot. Happy reading!

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