Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi. I’m Shadow. Welcome to my blog. I am a pretty bird! I am a nanday conure. My ancestors lived in the jungle in South America. I live in a cage in Vermont.
Here are some of my favorite things to do:
- squawking
- eating sunflower seeds
- taking walks in the woods (I ride in my carrier)
- squawking
- chewing popsicle sticks and bottle caps
- squawking
- protecting the house from intruders (by squawking)
- taking baths in a pie pan
- taking showers under a spray bottle
- squawking
What are some of your favorite things to do?


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Granshadow said...

I kknow Shadow very well. She is completely accurate when she says that one of her favorite activities is squawking. She also bites whenshe is frustrated. On the whole,though, she is a pretty good parot.

Shadow said...

Thanks, Granshadow. I think you are a pretty good Granshadow yourself!

Kathryn said...

Shadow, what a pretty bird you are! I admire the picture you posted. I wonder if you would like to meet Miss Duke, my African Gray parrot? However, she only squawks when stepped on, or when having her wings clipped, or when having her leash put on. But she DOES talk!

Best wishes,
Miss Kate

Cody said...

Shadow, we must go on another walk soon. I miss the smells on your roads. And I didn't know you squawk. I must be too interested in the grass when we walk to notice.

Shadow said...

Miss Kate - I would be very happy to meet Miss Duke and give her a few squawking lessons.

Cody - Being hard of hearing is truly a sad thing when it prevents you from hearing my beautiful squawking. I squawk quite a lot when you are around because, after all, you are a dog so I consider it my duty. I'll try to squawk a little louder next time I see you.

Anonymous said...

hi shadow!! i love your blog!! you are a very pretty bird. I like your mother she is very nice. My favorite thing to do is to talk to my friends and to play games.

Shadow said...

Anonymous - I know who you are. I agree with you about my "mother." She is VERY nice. You like to talk, and I like to squawk. How interesting!

Anonymous said...

You are a very handsome. Where were you born? What word do you speak in English? Do you sing or tell jokes?

Shadow said...

Hey, another anonymous! That's seems to be a very popular name. For those who want to know about my speaking ability, besides squawking I enjoy saying "pretty bird." I say it quite often. I will blog soon about other sounds. Sounds are very interesting and important to parrots.